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My world of hacks


Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Jonas and am a software engineer by profession. I find programming to be a most interesting activity, so it happens that I do the occasional little project in my spare time as well. Usually nothing major, but more often some small things that I find useful and/or fun and that can be completed in a couple of days work or so. So, you will not find any major applications with super polished GUIs here... I usually refer to my little creations as "hacks".

After being asked by several people about some of these hacks, I decided to put up this little site to share some code and experiences.


Yes, but I mean hacks in the classic sense of a quick and often clever way to solve a technical problem, that might not be the most elegant way. Nothing to do with breaking systems or software in other words. If you are looking for such stuff, go join the script kiddies and warez d00dz over in BBS land.

Why Whack?

Well, one could say its because it is my world of hacks, but it would be more close to the truth that I simply like the name and it just popped into my head when I decided to start building the site.

The site is brand new (August 5 2006) so there is not much here yet. I hope to find the time to add more stuff in a not too distant future...